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Amy Schumer appears on the 'Late Show with David Letterman.' Letterman congratulates Schumer on her Peabody Award and her show being signed on for it's fourth season.  Schumer pokes fun at Letterman saying that since it's her last time on the show she can say whatever she'd like. Schumer repeats the word 'vagina' and makes Letterman visibly uncomfortable.  Letterman laughs it off and says its always a pleasure having her on the show. As seen on CBS

Featuring: Amy Schumer
Where: United States
When: 20 Apr 2015
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Thursday, May 28, 201505/28/2015

Celebrity 411 For May 28, 2015

Taylor swift could cancel final exams for some high school students, Lindsay Lohan actually completes her community service, and Amy Schumer might be the next Bachelorette!


Thursday, May 28, 201505/28/2015

Little Things That Make You Look INSTANTLY More Photogenic

These REALLY work too!


Thursday, May 28, 201505/28/2015

Internet Slang Explained By Dan Rather

Nobody could do it like Dan Rather!


Thursday, May 28, 201505/28/2015

You WILL NOT Believe These Sounds Are Made By A Man!

Watch and be blown away!

GRAMMY Awards 2015

Wednesday, May 27, 201505/27/2015

Celebrity 411 For May 27, 2016

Beyonce’s one of the World’s most poweful women, Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato getting together, and Nicki MInaj’s guy is denying theyre engaged!


Wednesday, May 27, 201505/27/2015

Redneck Avengers

Watch and have your day made!


Wednesday, May 27, 201505/27/2015

How Going To The Dentist Is A LOT Like Bad Sex

Both can be emotionally traumatizing!


Wednesday, May 27, 201505/27/2015


Its horrific and it happens!


Wednesday, May 27, 201505/27/2015

19 Things That Happen On First Dates That Are Awkward As Hell

Well that escalated quickly!

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