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Wednesday, January 13, 201601/13/2016

Lemme Hold A Dollar..Or How About A Mill!

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Who would be the first to want a handout?!


Wednesday, January 13, 201601/13/2016

Adele Sings Car Karaoke with James Corden



Tuesday, January 12, 201601/12/2016

Can I Come With You?!

Have you every asked someone, “Hey what are you doing?” ┬áThen they respond by telling you what they are doing.…

Nickelodeon's 28th Annual Kids' Choice Awards

Featuring: Iggy Azalea
Where: Los Angeles, California, United States
When: 28 Mar 2015
Credit: FayesVision/

Tuesday, January 12, 201601/12/2016

Iggy Azalea Has A New Song!

Check it out

Michelle Dobyne

Tuesday, January 12, 201601/12/2016

Sweet Brown (2015) vs. Michelle Dobyne (2016)

Last year in 2015 we all got to meet Sweet Brown. Now in 2016, I want you to meet Michelle…


Tuesday, January 12, 201601/12/2016

Total Wellness Tuesday – 10 Foods To Take Away 10 Years!

Happy Total Wellness Tuesday! ┬áToday I found a great article about 10 foods that could help you take away 10…


Tuesday, January 12, 201601/12/2016

If You Go Looking..You’ll Find Something

Unfortunately, the old saying rings true in ALOT of cases

Katy Perry premieres Super Bowl Halftime Show promo

Tuesday, January 12, 201601/12/2016

Celebrity 411 for Tuesday January 12, 2016 – J-Law, Harry Styles, Donald Trump, and Katy Perry all in the news!

Well after coming of a fun night at the Golden Globes and looking AMAZING, Jennifer Lawrence had an interview and…


Tuesday, January 12, 201601/12/2016

We Already Have The Best Interview of 2016!

and its only the second week of the year!


Tuesday, January 12, 201601/12/2016

Taylor Swift Makes Fun Of Herself

She is so stinkin cute!

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Celebrity 411

3 hours ago in Entertainment

McDonald’s serving up ‘smarter’ Happy Meals


Ronald McDonald plans to serve up a side of literacy as the fast food giant swaps toys for millions of books.

3 hours ago in Entertainment

OPENING WEEKEND: ‘Hail, Caesar!’ and ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’


Here's a look at some of the films set to open this weekend.

10 hours ago in Entertainment

Ben Stiller pouts his way into the record books at ‘Zoolander 2’ premiere


Ben Stiller entered the history books on Thursday night when he set a record for taking a picture with the world's largest selfie stick during the "Zoolander 2" premiere in London.

10 hours ago in Entertainment

REVIEW: ‘Hail, Caesar!’ isn’t the Coen Brothers’ best – but it’s not their worst


Beneath all the old Hollywood glamour is familiar Coen territory: faith, folly, finding your purpose and just trying to live a good life.

10 hours ago in Entertainment

‘Playboy’ puts its clothes on – sort of


The great-granddaughter of novelist Ernest Hemingway strips off for a revamped issue of the magazine as it abandons full frontal nudity for flirty, more natural shots of women.