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Tuesday, April 12, 201604/12/2016

Celebrity 411 For April 12, 2016

Jessica Simpson is pimping Budget Rental Car now, Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna are going to televise their wedding, and Iggy Azalea threatens to castrate Nick Young


Tuesday, April 12, 201604/12/2016

Stop Everything And Make These Ice Cream Churro Bowls Immediately

We’re sure your sweet tooth thanks us and will thank you after you make these!


Tuesday, April 12, 201604/12/2016

Worst Movie Ever! Give Me My Money Back!

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Everyone has at least one movie they regret spending their money on!


Tuesday, April 12, 201604/12/2016

We Only Need To Shower Twice A Week?!

If youve ever needed a reason to skip the ya go

The 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards on NBC

Featuring: Harrison Ford
Where: United States
When: 10 Jan 2016
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Monday, April 11, 201604/11/2016

Celebrity 411 For April 11, 2016

MTV Movie Awards Recap, Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna getting married REALLY soon, and someone hacked Harrison Ford’s arrest record!


Monday, April 11, 201604/11/2016

Sneaking In!

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Some are skilled enough to pull it off..some arent!


Monday, April 11, 201604/11/2016

Britney Spears’ Ex “K-Fed” Is Rapping Again

Our ears!


Friday, April 8, 201604/08/2016

Celebrity 411 For April 8, 2016

Nicki Minaj is saying shes single, the Black Eyed Peas are reuniting, and is Louis Tomlinon’s baby fake?


Friday, April 8, 201604/08/2016

If The Turned The Classic “He Man” Into A Reality Show

WOW is this nostalgic!


Friday, April 8, 201604/08/2016

Friday Free Plug – April 8, 2016

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You get 10 seconds to say whatever you want on air!

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Celebrity 411

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"Civil War" stands out as certainly the biggest of the stand-alones, and among the best because of what it has in common with the better films in the Marvel universe: the conflict is deeply human, told humorously, and best enjoyed if you don't overthink it.

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Dan Aykroyd adapting ‘Blues Brothers’ for animated series


The animated project will also feature the band's original songs, as well as soul and blues classics, and new material recorded specially for the series, which Aykroyd will help to develop alongside "Saturday Night Live" writer Anne Beatts.

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‘Frozen’ fans want Queen Elsa to ‘come out’


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