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Tuesday, March 24, 201503/24/2015

The Fart Seen Round The World!

Poor girl! On TV, too!

pick up line

Tuesday, March 24, 201503/24/2015

The Worst Pickup Lines That Make For The Best Laughs

They might even appreciate your sense of humor!


Monday, March 23, 201503/23/2015

The Naked Neighbor!

In Podcasts

Have you had a neighbor like this?

april foolds kids

Monday, March 23, 201503/23/2015

Epic April Fools Prank Ideas To Pull On Your Kids

Need some creative ideas? We got you!


Monday, March 23, 201503/23/2015

What Girls Think Guys Are Talking About


20th Century Fox and DreamWorks Animation a Special Screening of HOME

Monday, March 23, 201503/23/2015

Celebrity 411 For March 23, 2015

Beyonce is compared to Kylie Jenner, Kanye West bails on the Jimmy Kimmel show, Chris Brown is off probation, and how Rihanna dissed Chris Brown


Friday, March 20, 201503/20/2015

Busted Sexting!

In Podcasts

Do you know someones whos been busted?


Friday, March 20, 201503/20/2015

Guy Calls C-Span and Pranks Them!

He uses the best show lyrics EVER

PFW Fall/Winter 2015 - Stella McCartney - Departures

Friday, March 20, 201503/20/2015

Celebrity 411 For March 20, 2015

A member of One Direction is leaving their world tour, Justin Bieber in a lawsuit, and now Kanye’s leftover food is up for sale

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Celebrity 411

in Entertainment

Trevor Noah set to replace Stewart on ‘Daily Show’


Comedy Central has named Trevor Noah, a 31-year-old comedian from South Africa, as Jon Stewart's replacement.

in Entertainment

‘Home’ tops weekend box office


Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna's new animated movie raked in $54 million this weekend.

in Entertainment

Hugh Jackman is done with ‘Wolverine’

Hugh Jackman

Jackman has played Wolverine for the past 15 years, including two stand-alone sequels.

in Entertainment

For $40K you can fly the friendly skies with Al Pacino


"The Godfather" star is also giving film buffs the chance to have lunch with him for $12,000.

in Entertainment

Harrison Ford released from hospital


The 72-year-old star is recovering after a dramatic plane crash earlier this month.