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Y100 Jingle Ball 2014

Friday, February 27, 201502/27/2015

Celebrity 411 For February 27, 2015

Ed Sheeran gets sloppy drunk, Selena Goez tries to help a suicidal fan, and Ariana Grande could be losing MILLIONS of dollars


Thursday, February 26, 201502/26/2015

Gaga Coming To American Horror Story!

Its out, Gaga is on the upcoming seeason!

NFL Super Bowl XLIX commercials on NBC

Thursday, February 26, 201502/26/2015

Celebrity 411 For February 26, 2015

Madonna’s beef with Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift messes with the paparazzi, Big Sean responds on his relationship with Ariana Grande being a hoax, and Lindsay Lohan back to doing community service!

would  you rather

Wednesday, February 25, 201502/25/2015

Would You Rather?

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This will SURE make you think of these fast food mascots differently!

'Between The Sheets Tour'

Wednesday, February 25, 201502/25/2015

Celebrity 411 For February 25, 2015

Suspect arrested in the murder of NIcki MInaj’s tour manager, Taylor swift donates $50,000 to NYC public schools, and Chris Brown not allowed into Canada!

breakfast food

Wednesday, February 25, 201502/25/2015

Eating THIS For Breakfast Will Help You Eat 31% Less At Lunch

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And its just a delicious as the cereal youre eating every morning!

elsa arrested

Wednesday, February 25, 201502/25/2015

Elsa From Frozen Arrested!

People are tired of the cold!

phone in bed

Wednesday, February 25, 201502/25/2015

5 Reasons You Shouldnt Use Your Phone In Bed

If you have an iPhone you WILL WANT to read this


Wednesday, February 25, 201502/25/2015

Even After Death, Chris Farley Is Recruting For A College?!

How creepy!!

winter weight gain

Wednesday, February 25, 201502/25/2015

6 Surprising Causes of Winter Weight Gain

Not losing any weight this winter? This may be why!

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Celebrity 411

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Today in entertainment history: April 21


A look at the news making Hollywood headlines in years past.

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Roseanne Barr says she’s going blind


The "Roseanne" star, 62, says her "vision is closing in now."

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You can take ‘Game of Thrones’ for college credit


Lots of people watch the hit HBO show for thrills, but some are doing it to make the grade.

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REVIEW: ‘Unfriended’ is topical, current and smart

In this image released by Universal Pictures, Shelley Henning appears in a scene from "Unfriended."

"Unfriended" is seen soley from a laptop screen, yet it never gets visually dull and never feels limited by the gimmick.

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William Shatner planning book about former co-star Leonard Nimoy


The "Star Trek" actor will honor his friendship with the man who made Spock famous.