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NRJ Music Tour at Theatre de l'Hotel Casino Barriere

Featuring: Sam Smith
Where: Lille, nord, France
When: 30 Mar 2015
Credit: SIPA/

**Only available for publication in Germany**

Friday, June 26, 201506/26/2015

Celebrity 411 For June 26, 2015

Screech is going to prison, Miley is the sexiest celebrity vegetarian of 2015, Taylor Swift is letting Apple stream her albu 1989, and Sam Smith being sued AGAIN!


Friday, June 26, 201506/26/2015

Flirting Mistakes Every Girl Makes

How many of these do YOU do?


Friday, June 26, 201506/26/2015

How To Take A Kylie Jenner Selfie!

She is one of the most notorious and obsessive selfie takers…so heres how you do it like her!

extreme cougar

Friday, June 26, 201506/26/2015

Extreme Cougar!

In Podcasts

Theres cougars…and then there’s EXTREME cougars!


Friday, June 26, 201506/26/2015

This Little Girl Likes Bad Boys

And she even admitted it to her dad!

2015 Tribeca Film Festival - 'Love True' screening at SVA Theater in New York City - Arrivals

Featuring: Shia LaBeouf
Where: New York City, New York, United States
When: 16 Apr 2015
Credit: Alberto Reyes/

Thursday, June 25, 201506/25/2015

Celebrity 411 For June 25, 2015

Demi Lovato becomes a video game, Obama puts a heckler in check, and Shia Labeouf hospitalized!

focused kid

Thursday, June 25, 201506/25/2015

Foods That Will Help Your Child Focus Better

This can help with ANY child!

Thursday, June 25, 201506/25/2015

Dont Flirt In Front Of Me!

In Podcasts

It happens way more than you think!


Thursday, June 25, 201506/25/2015

This 3 Year Old Girl Just Beat Shia LaBeouf At Being Shia LaBeouf

And shes way cuter, too!

26th Annual GLAAD Media Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel - Arrivals

Featuring: Channing Tatum
Where: Los Angeles, California, United States
When: 22 Mar 2015
Credit: Brian To/

Wednesday, June 24, 201506/24/2015

Celebrity 411 For June 24, 2015

Rihanna launching new clothing line, Diddy talks about his arrest, Lady Gaga’s dog is one of the new faces of Coach, and Channing Tatum burns his man parts!

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Celebrity 411

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‘Siri, can you give me a hint?’ Apple confirms September event


The rumors are true: Apple will host an event Sept. 9 in San Francisco.

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Netflix drug drama ‘Narcos’ blurs line between cartels, agents


Not all cops are good guys and not all drug suppliers are obvious villains in the dark drug drama "Narcos," a bilingual examination of the history of cocaine smuggling in America and its most menacing supplier.

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The secret to Rob Lowe’s ageless face


The 51-year-old actor will star in a new series this fall, "The Grinder," and still looks as good as ever.

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A new milestone for Facebook


For the first time, a billion people used Facebook in a single day.

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The latest news from the ‘Star Wars’ camp


The young stars of the upcoming movie, "The Force Awakens," talk about their experiences filming with JJ Abrams.