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butt hurt

Thursday, March 26, 201503/26/2015

Butt Hurt!

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How have YOU hurt your butt?


Thursday, March 26, 201503/26/2015

Boy Freaks Out Because He Has Green Eyes

He wants BROWN EYES dang it!

Zane Malik Leaves One Direction

Thursday, March 26, 201503/26/2015

Celebrity 411 For March 26, 2015

Keanu Reeves confirms Bill and Ted 3, Madonna Wants to date Drake, and Zayn Malik leaves One Direction!


Thursday, March 26, 201503/26/2015

This Little Girl Gets SO Upset Over Poop!

She is so serious about it!


Wednesday, March 25, 201503/25/2015


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Theyre so cheap they ____________!


Wednesday, March 25, 201503/25/2015

Things That = Ruined Day

Signs youre gonna have a bad day!

fat burn eating

Wednesday, March 25, 201503/25/2015

6 Ways to Eat Your Way to a Better Fat Burn

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Burning fat doesnt have to keep you from enjoying food!


Wednesday, March 25, 201503/25/2015

We Talked to The Voice’s Jacob Rummell

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He even calls out one of the judges!

Iggy Azalea has lunch at Toast Bakery Cafe in West Hollywood

Wednesday, March 25, 201503/25/2015

Celebrity 411 For March 25, 2015

Why Taylor Swift is Jamie King’s child’s Godmother, Angelina Jolie gets her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed, and Iggy Azalea got a boob job!

bubba schlemm

Tuesday, March 24, 201503/24/2015

Bubba On What To Do For A Quick Workout At Home Or Work!

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any time you can fit exercise in, is a good time!

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Celebrity 411

in Entertainment

Have a question about ‘Star Wars?’ Now you can google it


The search engine has put information from the "Star Wars" universe into its Knowledge Graph, the first time for a fictional universe.

in Entertainment

‘Walking Dead’ star arrested


Seth Gilliam was arrested on charges including speeding, reckless driving, and possession of drugs.

in Entertainment

‘Rapping Granny’ from ‘The Wedding Singer’ dies at 101


Actress Ellen Albertini Dow, best known for her role in the Adam Sandler comedy, has passed away.

in Entertainment

Amy Adams is a married woman


The "American Hustle" star and Darren Le Gallo have tied the knot following a seven-year engagement.

in Entertainment

Annie Leibovitz snaps ‘Star Wars’ cast

Star Wars Force Awakens

See the new photos of the upcoming "Star Wars" film, shot by celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz.