Dylan, Julie & Co.

Dylan, Julie & Co.


Amanda Bynes

Friday, November 7, 201411/07/2014

Amanda Bynes Homeless!

Click to find out where she is having to sleep

road rage

Thursday, November 6, 201411/06/2014


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When have you had major road rage?

Amanda Bynes

Thursday, November 6, 201411/06/2014

Amanda Bynes’ Parents Are TROUGH With Her

Even THEY’VE had it with her!

The XXIV Karat Launch Party At The Beverly Hilton

Thursday, November 6, 201411/06/2014

Amber Rose Wants Her Some Rihanna!

Wonder what Rihanna has to say about it!


Wednesday, November 5, 201411/05/2014

We Have Entirely Too Much Fun With The Best Chef In Springfield!

Everyone in the building was peeking in wanting to taste!

Nicki Minaj arrives at Mandarin Oriental hotel

Wednesday, November 5, 201411/05/2014

Nicki Minaj Flips Out On Boyfriend! She Destroys WHAT With A Bat?!

Id be scared if i was him!

Iggy Azalea

Wednesday, November 5, 201411/05/2014

Iggy On Her Way To Marriage?

What they did together is HUGE

video game

Tuesday, November 4, 201411/04/2014

Does Being A Gamer Make You Socially Awkward??

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Does playing games kill your “game?”

Ed Sheeran performs for a sold out crowd

Tuesday, November 4, 201411/04/2014

Ed Sheeran’s Engaged!

This engagement will make you cry!

Ariana Grande arrives in Japan

Tuesday, November 4, 201411/04/2014

Ariana Grande Has A Superstalker

Wow what a weirdo!

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Benedict Cumberbatch apologizes for ‘colored’ remark

Benedict Cumberbatch attends a special screening of "The Imitation Game" at the DGA Theater on Monday, Nov. 10, 2014, in Los Angeles.

Benedict Cumberbatch is "devastated" after realizing he caused offense during a chat about diversity on Tavis Smiley's late-night show.

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What do Blake Shelton and Vanilla Ice have in common?


They're both joining the star-studded cast of a new Adam Sandler movie.

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‘Selma’ director DuVernay to make Katrina film


Ava DuVernay, the director behind the Oscar-nominated MLK, Jr. biopic plans a feature film set in the time of Hurricane Katrina.

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