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20th Century Fox and DreamWorks Animation a Special Screening of HOME

Monday, March 23, 201503/23/2015

Celebrity 411 For March 23, 2015

Beyonce is compared to Kylie Jenner, Kanye West bails on the Jimmy Kimmel show, Chris Brown is off probation, and how Rihanna dissed Chris Brown


Friday, March 20, 201503/20/2015

Busted Sexting!

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Do you know someones whos been busted?


Friday, March 20, 201503/20/2015

Guy Calls C-Span and Pranks Them!

He uses the best show lyrics EVER

PFW Fall/Winter 2015 - Stella McCartney - Departures

Friday, March 20, 201503/20/2015

Celebrity 411 For March 20, 2015

A member of One Direction is leaving their world tour, Justin Bieber in a lawsuit, and now Kanye’s leftover food is up for sale


Thursday, March 19, 201503/19/2015

8 Things You Should NEVER Eat If You’re Trying To Lose Weight

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Some things on this list you would never expect

couple fighting

Thursday, March 19, 201503/19/2015

Look But Dont Touch!

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Does it bother you when your guy checks out other women when hes with you?


Thursday, March 19, 201503/19/2015

Its Oatmeal Cookie Day!! Enjoy This Delicious Recipe

Cookie Factory was awesome enough to bring us cookie and share the perfect Oatmeal Cookie recipe!


Thursday, March 19, 201503/19/2015

What Girls Think Guys Are Thinking

This is too funny NOT to be true!


Thursday, March 19, 201503/19/2015

Celebrity 411 For March 19, 2015

Gwen Stefani has to call cops on an obssed fan, Bieber ruins his Roast by being serious, and now Marvin Gaye’s family is going after T.I.


Thursday, March 19, 201503/19/2015

Kevin Bacon’s Pimping Eggs Now!

Could this be any more perfect?!

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Celebrity 411

in Entertainment

This weekend in entertainment history


A walk down Hollywood's memory lane.

in Entertainment

Sarah Jessica Parker heading back to HBO


She will star in a half-hour series called "Divorce."

in Entertainment

Ryan Gosling to star in ‘Blade Runner’ sequel


The "Drive" star is poised to team up with Harrison Ford, who will be reprising his Rick Deckard character.

in Entertainment

Harrison Ford thrills ‘Star Wars’ fans with trailer appearance


The new trailer is the first clip of Ford as Han Solo in 30 years.