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fake phone number

Monday, July 27, 201507/27/2015

The Ol’ Fake Number Trick!

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Alot of people have done it. Have YOU?


Monday, July 27, 201507/27/2015

Meet The Serial Mistress Thats Had Affairs With Over 100 Married Men!

And she tries to explain why….


Friday, July 24, 201507/24/2015

The Face-Kini!!

I love being outside in the summer and getting some sunshine, who doesn’t?!  Well it looks like more people than…

2015 Much Music Video Awards

Featuring: Ed Sheeran
Where: Toronto, Canada
When: 21 Jun 2015
Credit: /

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Friday, July 24, 201507/24/2015

Celebrity 411 For July 24, 2015

You can talk to Eminem today at noon, Ariana Grande is dropping a new fragrance, and Ed Sheeran weighs in on NIcki Minaj’s VMA rant


Friday, July 24, 201507/24/2015

I Spy!

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Have you ever had spies on your guy/gal?


Friday, July 24, 201507/24/2015

Is This Sushi Breakfast Or Dessert?!

We dont know…all we know is it looks DELICIOUS!

Donald Trump admitted to having over 9 billion dollars of his own money which he might use if he is elected president. He launched his campaign today surrounded by his wife, children and grandchildren

Featuring: Donald Trump
Where: New York, New York, United States
When: 16 Jun 2015
Credit: Michael Carpenter/

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Thursday, July 23, 201507/23/2015

Check Out The Donald Trump Insult Generator!

Noone insults more hilariously than The Trump!

Pepsi Super Bowl XLVIII Halftime Show Press Conference

Featuring: Bruno Mars
Where: New York, New York, United States
When: 30 Jan 2014
Credit: Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/

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Thursday, July 23, 201507/23/2015

Celebrity 411 For July 23, 2015

Miley Cyrus waxes her armpit hair and puts on someones head, Chris Brown held in the Philippines, Nick Jonas could be rekindling things with Selena Gomez, and Bruno Mars tries to start some VMA beef by calling out Ed Sheeran!


Thursday, July 23, 201507/23/2015

5 Reasons To Dump A Cheapskate Boyfriend!

You definitely have to draw a line!

online profile

Thursday, July 23, 201507/23/2015

He Has An Online Dating Profile…Does That Mean Hes Cheating?

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Read listener Natalie’s situation and tell her if you think hes cheating!

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Celebrity 411

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Today in entertainment history: Sept. 2


A look back at some of Hollywood's most memorable headlines.

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Nicholas Hoult to take on J.D. Salinger in new biopic


The British actor will portray the beloved American author in "Rebel in the Rye."

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‘Spectre’ could be Daniel Craig’s last ‘Bond’ movie


The British star, whose turn in "Spectre" marks his fourth time playing 007, has now admitted he has no current plans to appear in another Bond movie

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Why Bill Murray is in the new ‘Ghostbusters’ movie


After spending a quarter of a century not agreeing to be in "Ghostbusters 3" as Peter Venkman, Bill Murray recently signed on to Paul Feig’s reboot of the franchise.

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Will Smith to take on NFL coverup


"Concussion" is based on Dr. Bennet Omalu, who was the first to discover the existence of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (or CTE): a disease of the brain found in athletes with a history of repetitive brain trauma.