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How to Find Your Lost Pet
How to Find Your Lost Pet

It’s an awful feeling when your pet goes missing.  I lost my monster tabby cat, Gershwin, last summer.  For hours, I ran around the neighborhood in a panic.  Turns out, he was hiding in a nearby bush until he felt like coming out.  What a little sonofabitch.

Here’s a few other comical methods for finding your beloved animal:

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Some of these posters are so hilarious, I want to try it out here in Springfield.

Celebrity 411

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Want to smell like Tara Reid? No? Well now you can anyway


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‘Sharknado 2′ sparks feeding frenzy on Twitter, sets record


Flying sharks chomping through NYC drew a record audience for Syfy network and became the most tweeted-about TV movie in history.

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REVIEW: ‘Get On Up’ won’t let James Brown fans down

This image released by Universal Pictures shows Chadwick Boseman, right, and Dan Aykroyd in a scene from "Get On Up."

It ain't braggin' if you back it up, and James Brown, warts and all, was one of the most important musical and cultural figures of the 20th century.

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Today in entertainment history: Aug. 1


A look at the Hollywood headlines that made history.

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Lorde curating ‘Hunger Games’ soundtrack


The 17-year-old pop star is recording a single for the third installment of the franchise.