Yoga and Tanning!!!

Good Thursday afternoon! Happy September to you! Where did this summer go??!! Man, it just flew by!! Well, as you know, I hurt my back earlier in the week. I went to see my friends at “A Touch Of Healing” massage yesterday and I feel much, much better! I woke up this morning and even did some online beginner yoga! Yup, that’s right YOGA! It was fun! I’m not good but I found lower back pain YOGA and it was GREAT!! Don’t be afraid to try it out!
Oh and too all my high school listeners here is a deal for you!! My friends over at FUN TAN Inc. have unlimited tanning deals until your homecoming dance!! Check out all the details here…
Well, I better get back to yoga…I mean work :) Talk to you at 6 o’clock!!

D.j. Blake