Well Happy Hump Day to YOU! It’s HUMP DAY and it’s getting hot outside! I can’t wait for this weekend! Super hot weather and I’m going to be on the lake all weekend! After yesterday when I had not much to say, I feel like I could just blog forever right now just about random stuff! I just read today that the boy band, One Direction, is getting ready to put out another album and the beginning of next year! We just added their new single to WDBR and haven’t even had time to enjoy it and Simon Cowell wants another album!?!? Come on man! Let them be kids for like a second! I mean I know they have it rough making billions of dollars but they don’t need to work all the time. It’s not like Simon is hurting for money anyways, just hurting in the lady department!
Also got word today that we will have tickets for Demi Lovato and Train to give away for the Illinois State Fair! So make sure you keep listening for your chance to win! Now that we have those lined up, maybe I can find a way to meet Demi! I’ll start tweeting her NOW!
Well, I’m going to get out of here for now. Talk to you at 6 o’clock!

D.j. Blake