Windy Weekend!!

Good Monday afternoon!! I was out on Friday and let me tell you it was a weekend filled with CrossFit, food, more food, and some WIND!! Lots and lots of WIND!!
Headed over to Champaign on Friday to stay at my buddies house. We hit up his CrossFit gym and that was Awesome!! That night he and his wife cooked up an AMAZING dinner!! Just delicious!! Then we had to hit up the local yogurt shop for a treat!! Saturday morning was another CrossFit WOD and then it was time for food, fun, and tailgating at the UofI football game!! We had amazing food!! We had awesome music until my truck died and had to get it jumped!! We played washers, football, and redneck golf!! Great times!! Then off to watch the ILLINI lose!! Hahahaha!! I don’t watch much college football but it was a fun time!! That night we ate again!! Pizza from Pappa Dell’s!! AMAZING!!
We left Champaign on Sunday morning and we barely made it out on the interstate before the WINDY WIND took my truck tarp and unlatched it!! It was blowing in the wind just smashing against my truck!! I pulled over on I-72 and it took all the CrossFit strength I had to tame this tarp!! Finally I got it and we made it home!!
That was my awesome weekend!!!! Now it’s time to get ready for Radiothon this week!!
Talk to you at 6!

D.j. Blake