Good Thursday afternoon!! No need to talk about anything but St. Louis Cardinals!! Did you see the game last night?! Did you see any of the baseball games last night??!! It was AWESOME!! Cardinals game started after the Braves game and was done before the Braves game. So after the Cardinals won, I watched the end of the Phillies vs. Braves. It went into extra innings and guess what…….PHILLIES won it!! I was going nutz!! It was great!!! Cardinals vs. Phillies on Saturday afternoon!!! The Cardinals are only 1 of 2 teams who have a winning record against the Phillies. We are going to need EVERYONE on the team playing at their best!!! Can’t wait!!!
Ok, let me calm down a bit now and tell you about the show coming up…new music on 1st Play from Rihanna!! Also, April Reiser’s MYPOD on the way just past 9 o’clock!!
Talk to you at 6!!!

D.j. Blake