Why, Why, Why??!! AAAhhhh!!

Good Wednesday morning! A little bit cooler out there for you today! Ok I’ve got something on my mind that I must blog about. We are a lazy country and I mean LAZY!!! Check this out, I went to get groceries at a store here in town and let’s just say it wasn’t real busy but busy enough to where there was some traffic in the parking lot. What do I see as I come walking out of the store…I see a very obese man getting dropped off at the front door by another very obese person in the car. Now instead of driving away and going to park, this lazy obese person put his hazard lights on and sat right in front of the doors and waited for his obese friend to get done. Yup! Right in front of the store, fire lane and all!! Are you kidding me!! First of all I don’t care if you are running in for gum, it’s not going to be a quick trip if you are obese and because this certain store never has any check out lanes open you are looking at atleast 20 minutes. Just go park, get out of the way, stop causing a traffic jam, and lose some weight!! Let’s stop being known as “AMERICA – The LAZIEST Country Ever!”

Thank You.

D.j. Blake