Where you at “Q”??!!

Good Thursday afternoon!  Hope your day is going well!  I’m all up in the studio just waiting for “Q” to get here!  He hasn’t shown his face yet!  I think he’s scared to hit Springfield!  He knows how crazy we are here!  It’s 12:15 and I really thought we would have some snow action by now but I guess not…oh well, I’ll keep waiting for him!  The good news for the day is, if I get snowed in at work tonight the BULLS and ILLINI both have games so I’ll have something to watch!

Ok, I’d just like to say I think the TSA is going a little too far.  This girl is 3-years-old and in a wheelchair.  They take her out of line, swab her wheelchair, x-ray her stuffed animal and threaten to pat her down!  The little girl is getting ready to go to Disney World and she’s crying saying she doesn’t want to go anymore!  I know TSA is protecting us from all the WACK-O’s out there but come on!  The little girl’s mom got it all on video!


Wow!  Google is really making some steps towards the future!  Check out GOOGLE GLASS!

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