Where is the 100 degree weather!!

Good Monday Morning! Hope you are having a great Monday so far! What a weekend I had! It was a good time! I was the D.j. at Marly’s Pub on Saturday Night for a benefit that went over very, very well!! The grand opening of Scheel’s was a HUGE success!! I also went and saw the movie, “Bridesmaids” and it was funny!! Everything was all good except our weather!! It’s almost July and it’s just been cold and wet!! That is not cool!! I need sunny, humid, and 100 degree weather!! I’m still trying to purchase a new jet ski so it’s not that bad when Sunday’s are crappy days but it still isn’t cool. I’m thinking about doing a sunshine/hot weather dance…you know, instead of a rain dance!! Hahahaha!!! Well, back to work. Talk to you at 6p.m.!!

D.j. Blake