#WhatsTrending X’s 3
#WhatsTrending X’s 3

3 videos are TRENDING all over the internet today and I’ve got them all here for you!!

#1 – This first video shows a 54-year old man from Springfield, MO winning a 3-point contest!!  He wins a free year of McDonald’s!!  Did I mention…he’s BLIND!!!  AMAZING!!

#2 – This second video comes from California.  A 5-year old autistic boy named Daniel  greets his garbage man every week he comes.  Well on this day the garbage man, Manuel, gives Daniel a gift!  Daniel’s mom caught it all on film and has even started a Facebook page for other amazing stories with autistic kids!!  Check this great video out!

#3 – This third video comes from Walmart.  See Walmart just rolled out this new campaign about being ALL AMERICAN and its $250 billion pledge to sell products made in the USA!!  One small problem, the song playing in the background is called “Working Man” by the CANADIAN band Rush….hahaha!!!  Can we get an American Band please??!!