What’s neon green and scares me at 4 in the morning??

Good Thursday to you!! I have a wonderful story to tell you. So, I woke up around 4a.m. today to head to the bathroom. It’s still a little dark and I go to turn on the bathroom light and something like touches my leg and was gone!! It scared the crap out of me. I thought to myself, “I know I just saw something jump and touch me.” So I look around the bathroom, I peak out the door, and nothing. So I continue on my bathroom break and then I see him!!! He’s neon green and has little suction cups on all his hands and feet!! It’s a neon green little frog!! Not just any frog!! I think this frog got into my roommates bag and hitched a ride up from Florida!! I’ve never seen a frog like this in Illinois and my roommate just got unpacked yesterday from Florida so….yup, I think that’s where he was from. So what do I do at 4a.m., I get my dog’s food bowl and cover him up until I wake up in a few hours. Then, I take him outside and let him go :) Hopefully that never happens again!!

D.j. Blake

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