What up Tuesday??!!

Good Tuesday afternoon to you!  What an amazing day we are having!  63 for a high today!  65 for a high on Thanksgiving!!  Then it drops and gets cold, oh well at least it will be nice for Thanksgiving!  Not much really going on today for me.  I had to work at Gold’s Gym this morning then just head over here to work.  It’s like today and tomorrow are super busy getting ready for the holiday but yet no one seems to be at work, it’s weird…hahaha!!  Well Barkley and Divot are getting along fine but not that fine.  My g/f wants to take Barkley to obedience school and I can’t decide if Divot should go too.  It just seems that Barkley is sort of bullying Divot and not leaving him alone.  We will see how it goes.

Well how does day #20 look??  NoShave November











Here is movement #3 for the MoustacheClash that I’m getting ready for!  Make sure you sign up! (  I’ll see you in Bloomington!

You know the Disney movie “UP” where the old man flies his house with balloons?  Well it really happened!!

I’m not very political but this is funny!  Dating websites for Red States and Blue States!

Rihanna is on her 777 tour!  7 concerts, 7 different cities, 7 days in a row!  Here’s a clip of her tour plane!

Paris Hilton is trying out singing again!  However this time she’s got some help from Lil Wayne!!  **WARNING…BAD LANGUAGE AHEAD…WARNING**

World’s Largest Pile Of Leaves!!