What up Superficial Thrombophlebitis??

Good Tuesday afternoon!  Hope your day is going well, mine isn’t going too bad at all.  Ok so long story short, I noticed this red line on my left calf about five days ago and it hasn’t gone away yet.  It’s very warm and very sensitive so I asked a doctor at the gym today what she thought.  She said, “Go to a prompt care and get it looked at.”  Come to find out I have a small case of Superficial Thrombophlebitis…(go ahead and Google that if you want)…It’s basically just an infection in a vein or something like that.  So, I got some meds and hopefully it will go away very, very soon.  I’ve got the CrossFit Instinct ThrowDown at the State Fair on Saturday and I’m NOT missing that!  So besides going to the doctor and then waiting forever to get my meds I’m having a good day :)

Well Shaq had his movie “Shazam” and now it looks like Kevin Durant will have his movie!  It reminds me a little of Space Jam with the whole losing his talent part of it.

Check out Justin Bieber’s video message to Missy Franklin.  Should Selena be concerned??

Just another GOTYE parody!

My boys at Epic Meal Time had an AWESOME breakfast this morning!  Check it out!

Michael Phelps has also joined Ryan Lochte in saying that, “YES, we pee in the pool.”  And YES, I have a super hot girlfriend named Megan Rossee.