What up Morning Show?!

Good Monday morning! Hope your day has started off great! Hopefully you got to tune in this morning and listen to me fill in for Dave on the Dave and Dina Morning Show! I will be in there again tomorrow morning so mark your calendar and set your alarm clock! Wake up with Blake and Dina!
Did you have a great weekend? Mine was a good one.
Saturday – Woke up and had an early morning workout and CrossFit Instinct. Worked on the jet ski for most of the day then finally back home to get ready to meet up with some friends from Champaign. We went out to eat, had some pizza and ice cream and watched a movie. We watched, The Darkest Hour, and it was good. It’s a sic-fi movie about aliens that you can’t see and they want all of our electric power. I would recommend it.
Sunday – Church then another CrossFit Instinct workout followed by grocery shopping and cooking all day to get my food ready for the week. Last night I just tried to relax and got to bed early for the morning show!
I’m going to get back to work and I will talk to you tomorrow morning!

D.j. Blake