What Up Monday!?!?

Good Monday morning! Hope you are having a GREAT Monday so far! Let’s have a weekend re-cap! Here’s what went down with me over the weekend.
Saturday morning I played golf with 3 high school classmates back home in Pontiac! It was awesome! After golf was over I had to get all set up for our 10 year class reunion! It was a good time!! I was wishing more people would have made it, but the people who did make it had a blast!! After the class reunion was over a bunch of us just went out on the big ol’ town of Pontiac!! It was a great time!
Sunday I woke up early, went to church and got back down to Springfield. My roommate let me take his boat out on the lake and a few college friends came over and we went out and had a good time! It was very hot out and the water was also very warm which sort of stuck but oh well. After the lake, a nice meal with friends then went home and went to bed!! WOW!! Long weekend!!
I’ll be rockin’ with you tonight from 6-12midnight!! Talk to you then.

D.j. Blake