What up FRIDAY??!!

Good Friday morning to you! I know it’s early but I was bored and felt like blogging early today. Hope your Friday is going well!! It’s a very exciting day today…one of the reasons why I’m up and online is because BULLS tickets go on sale today!! My g/f and I are getting some tickets!! It’s a short season so there isn’t many games to choose from. We are hoping to go and see Bulls vs. 76ers!!! That way we can not only see the BULLS but also Andre Iguodala and maybe Mike Tisdale if he’s still on the team then for the 76ers!! It doesn’t really matter just as long as the BULLS win and Mr. Derrick Rose dominates!!! So glad the NBA is back!!
Do you have big plans for the weekend?? I’m heading back to Pontiac for family Christmas. I’m excited to see the family and enjoy some time just chilling!!
Well, I better go get ready to order these tickets!! Have a GREAT FRIDAY and I’ll talk to you at 6p.m.!!

D.j. Blake