What up Friday??!!

Good Friday morning to you!  What a great day outside and it’s only going to get better!!  I’m hearing talks of around 70 outside tomorrow!  That’s perfect for me because I’m heading back home to Pontiac to play in another football game!!  I know I’ve told you that every Labor Day Weekend for the past 6 years a group of us all go back to Pontiac and play in what we call, “One More Game.”  We get a full day of football practice, lunch, then play a real game with full pads etc..later in the afternoon.  Well tomorrow our team has been challenged by another group of guys from a neighboring town, Seneca, IL.  It’s a battle of the Pontiac Indians vs. Seneca Irish…who will win…well WE WILL of course!!  It’s going to be great because I’ll get to play on the same team with some of my best friends from high school!!  I’m so excited because I’m 29 years old and just made the cut on my first football team!!  How awesome is that!!  I’ll be wearing the number 88 for my main man Michael Irvin and I will hopefully be making some great plays just like he did.  Don’t tell anyone but I think I hurt my hip flexor at the gym the other day but I’m going to fight through it and hopefully all will be ok.  Let’s Go INDIANS!!

Well it’s Day #9 and I’m lookin’ FINE!!  No-Shave November!  Getting ready for the Moustache Clash!!











Do you got what it takes to participate in the Moustache Clash??!!  Here is movement #2!!

And now for your viewing pleasure…the first hamburger to go to space!

So now if they say I play football like a girl, I can show them this video and be like, “Thank You.”

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