What up FRIDAY!?!?

Good Friday morning to YOU!  Hope your day is going well!  It’s FRIDAY, it’s going to be a great day!  Just hang in there and it will be the weekend before you know it!  I don’t have much planned this weekend just doing some painting, hanging out with some friends, CrossFit, and trying to go on the lake again!  How about you?  What do you have going on?

Check this out!  Thanks to the wonderful world of Twitter I’ve been able to connect with tons of people from all over the world!  Sure my “CrossFit And I Know It” video helped with that but none the less, it’s crazy how many people can be reached by this great social media!  So check this out here is a song from one of my followers, Alex Reid.  She’s from LA and she’s very talented.  Check her out on twitter @thealexreid  Check out her new single!

Carly Rae Jepsen videos never get old!  GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS for protecting our great, GREAT country!  I hope you can all come home safely!  I really think it’s awesome that even though they are at war, they can still have fun and bring a smile to our faces!  I LOVE OUR TROOPS!!

Sometimes we get mad at old people for driving too slow or taking to long at the ATM when in reality they are much, much WISER than all of us!  Take some advice from your elders!

Big Foot spotted in Ohio!  Legit or NOT Legit?

One Direction has a BIG announcement!

I never knew Lucille Ball could look so good!  Check out Sofia Vergara dressed up as Lucy!  Click the picture to see her as Lucy!

Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City performed on the TODAY show! Check it out!

GO CARDINALS!!  Here’s a video called “Wrigleyville” just for you Cubs Fans!  Maybe Next Year!