What do you get when…

What do you get when you have a tractor pulling a trailer, an Ameren truck, a garbage truck and a busy two lane road? A long drive to work! Good golly! My short 7 minute ride to work took almost 15 minutes today! I know that’s still nothing to be mad about but really, talk about the most unlucky time to head to work! I was stuck behind all these vehicles and could not pass! Oh well, I made it here and it’s all good.
So what’s on tap for tonight? NBA baby! Game #1 of the NBA FINALS!! Miami Heat vs. Oklahoma City Thunder! GO THUNDER! I’m not a LeBron fan for one and I just don’t want them to win! I love me some Kevin Durrant, my cousin lives in OKC, and the team is young and exciting to watch! GO THUNDER! I will also come out right now and say, “THUNDER in six games!” That’s my call. Who are you picking?
Not much else is going on. Just doing my work thing and getting ready to rock the air waves at 6 o’clock! I will talk to you then!

D.j. Blake