What a weird night last night…

Good Tuesday afternoon!  Hope you are doing ok since we are in the middle of Winter Storm Saturn!  It’s windy, snowy and just gross outside!  Be careful when out on the roads today!  I would just like to say that I had a very weird night last night.  I got off of work and met my g/f over at doggy school, Barkley finally graduated to Level 2!!  Woot!  Woot!  Anyways, after doggy school we went home and I ate a little food then I sat down to do some work on the computer.  While I was working my g/f had her favorite channel on, Bravo, and some crazy reunion special of Vanderpump Rules.  Have you seen this show?  It’s so bad that it sucked me in!  I shut my computer off and actually fell asleep on the couch sort of watching this crazy stuff!  I was a little upset because the focus was on one guy and one girl who had all the drama but I wanted to see if all the girls were as dumb as that one.  My guess is yes, yes they all are.  So not only did I sort of watch this but I fell asleep really, really early and got a good night sleep!

Well I told you yesterday that our dogs had some fun in the house over the weekend while we were in Champaign.  Here is the video of how much fun they had!

So this is a video getting some serious attention around the world wide web.  What would you do if you opened an elevator door and there was a murder happening???  Watch this!!  It’s interesting!!

Well I’m a huge basketball fan and let’s just say Brittney Griner’s got game!!

Check out the Golf Boys of the PGA!

Check out Justin Bieber’s birthday present from his dad.  Or better yet, check out how not cool Justin Bieber’s dad is!!

All 15 of these miners were fired from their job for doing a Harlem Shake Video!!  CRAZY!