What a weekend…Weekend Re-Cap…Where do I begin…

Good Monday morning to you!  I’m filling in on the afternoon show today so that’s why I’m getting at you early this morning, plus I have so much to tell you about from the weekend!  Let’s just start with me waking up Saturday morning in Pontiac at my Mom’s house.  So I woke up Saturday morning at my Mom’s house and started getting ready to head north on I-55 up to Tinley Park for the RockStar Mayhem Festival!  I’m a HUGE rock fan and one of my all-time favorite bands was headlining, SLIPKNOT!  So I met 5 buddies up north and we went to this festival.  Yes it was hot but yes we had a blast!  We hung out and rocked out all day and even did some handstands. **see picture below**  Then it was time for the main stage.  We went and waited inline so we could get front and center seats!  I took off on a nice run for our seats when they let us in and we got front and center!  My buddy and I got in two mosh pits and had a good time!  I have some video of that but it’s all shaky and I don’t know if I’ll post it or not.  Anyways, after a day of rocking it was time for SLIPKNOT!  I was so excited!  I sang every song and got in one mosh pit just because.  It was an amazing show with some amazing friends and just had a blast!  After the show we hit up Steak-N-Shake and it took forever but it was delicious.  One of my buddies even fell asleep while waiting for his food..hahahahaha!!!  We headed back to the hotel and all crashed out.  Woke up early on Sunday for church, ate some breakfast and headed back to Pontiac to pick up Divot.  After I picked up Divot we headed back home to Springfield.  Got all unpacked and my g/f and I headed to see Dark Knight Rises!  Talk about an AWESOME movie!  My g/f says I’m like a woman watching a soap opera.  I say I’m just a guy who gets into the movies that I really, really like!  I was in awe the whole time.  I had a moment where I almost cried and then a moment where I was just like ,”YES!  This is awesome!”  And it was.  Go see Dark Knight Rises!  It’s amazing!


Check out Justin Bieber performing at the Teen Choice Awards!

How about NO DOUBT performing for the first time in almost a decade!

Check out an acoustic version of Gym Class Heroes ft. Ryan Tedder – The Fighter

If you ever wondered just how much it would cost to be BATMAN, some students at Lehigh University crunched some numbers for you…check it out!

GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS!  Not only are some of them half way around the world and fighting for our country but, but it’s AMAZING to see that they are able to have a good time once in awhile!  GOD BLESS ALL OUR TROOPS!  Come Home Soon and Safe!

Here’s a picture of my buddies and I doing handstands at the concert!

Here’s a picture of SLIPKNOT rocking out on Saturday night!