What a weekend! The Re-Cap!

Good Monday morning! Hope you are having a GREAT day so far! I also hope you had a GREAT weekend! Let me give you the re-cap of my weekend! Here we go!!!…
Friday night was X-KRUSH at the State Fair and State Fair Steve was there rockin’ out! If you got a picture with him, make sure you check our WDBR FACEBOOK FANPAGE and our website at!! I woke up very early and went and played golf with a friend from high school over in Decatur. He beat me but it’s all good! I’ll get him next time! After golf, I drove home, took a nap, went to church and then went out to eat with the friend who beat me in golf! Took him to Scheels to look around then went home and watched a great movie!! I recommend watching Source Code! GREAT MOVIE!! Sunday morning I woke up early and my g/f and I went to support some friends running in the Abe’s Amble!! It was fun!! Congrats to all who ran the race!! After the race I was off to Peoria to go on the river and meet up with an old friend and his family!! It was awesome!!! I’m just completey exhausted today but I’ll make it through!!
I’ll talk to you at 6 o’clock!!

D.j. Blake