What a weekend! The Re-Cap!

Good Monday morning to you! Hope you had an AWESOME St. Patty’s Day weekend! Mine was GREAT! Let me tell you what I did!
Friday – I took Friday off from work to head up to Chicago with my g/f. We headed up early and went to IKEA. What a huge store! I just pushed the cart, but the cart was AWESOME! It had all 4 wheels that moved so it was like I was floating! I did some X-Games moves…I made the cart do two 360’s and caught it and kept on going, it was awesome!! After we left IKEA we headed over to my buddy Drew and Jenna’s house. The ladies went shopping, Drew was at work so I went and hit up the local CrossFit Carol Stream. An AWESOME gym with an awesome owner, Jason Homesley, and had a great workout. Worked on some rowing and double unders! Thanks again Jason!
Friday Night – Well after Drew got off work we all came back to the house and our friend Mandy stopped by. We watched TONS of basketball and ate TONS of pizza! It was GREAT!
Saturday – We headed into the city for St. Patty’s Day to meet up with my buddy Travis. We ate some food and then hung out at Bar Celona all day people watching and did some shopping but didn’t purchase anything. After our long day at the bar my g/f and I headed out and went to the Bulls vs. 76ers game! It was AWESOME! Andre Iguodala played that was cool but the BULLS won the game! They started off slow but came back with the win! Great time!
Sunday – Got on the road early and headed back home. Actually sat in the hot tub for a bit which was awesome!
Ok that about wraps it up. It was an overall GREAT weekend!
I’m filling in for Bob on the afternoon show today so I’ll talk to you at 2 o’clock!

D.j. Blake