What a weekend! Let’s RE-CAP!!

Good Monday morning!  Hope your Monday is going well for you today!!  It was a crazy busy weekend so let me get to the Re-Cap!!  First of all a HUGE, HUGE thank you to…YOU!  Thank YOU for helping make this years WDBR CARES FOR KIDS RADIOTHON AMAZING!!  With YOUR help we raised $88,931.93!!  Woot! Woot!  That is absolutely amazing!!  It all stays local right here at St. John’s Children’s Hospital / Children’s Miracle Network!

Saturday was a fun day, my g/f and I adopted/rescued a dog!!  Welcome to the family BARKLEY!!  He’s awesome and he’s Divot’s best friend!








Also on Saturday we watched a movie I would recommend called, “The Raven.”  It was very twisted and interesting.  I say go get it!  Sunday was a day filled with working out, grocery shopping, running around with dogs, and watching another movie!  We watched “Tall Man.”  Jessica Biel/Timberlake is in this movie.  It’s a suspense/thriller movie.  Go check it out!  My COWBOYS won in overtime which was awesome!  ILLINI Basketball looked good in Hawaii and all in all it was a GREAT weekend!

Day #17 (from Saturday November 17, 2012)











Day #18 (from Sunday November 18, 2012)  GO COWBOYS!











Day #19 (I shaved this morning to make it look awesome!)











Check out Octo-Mom’s kids singing a new christmas tune!

Well if you want it guys, here it is!  Nail polish for men.

The crew from the Big Bang Theory did a sweet flash mob!

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