What a weekend!!

Good Monday afternoon!  Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!  My weekend was awesome!  Let me give you that Weekend Re-Cap!  I went back home to Pontiac for the weekend.  If you didn’t know this, every year for the last 6 years or so a group of guys has gone back to Pontiac on Labor Day Weekend and played in what we call “One More Game.”  It’s an all day event of football!  We meet in the morning hours for a sort of training camp then we get pads and split up into teams and play a game that afternoon.  It’s an awesome time!  Well this past weekend we went back home to play again but this time it was not against ourselves, it was against a neighboring town, Seneca.  They heard about our game and challenged us to a game!  We got the pants, jerseys, pads, and everything for the game!  It was an awesome day and we won!!  I was starting wide receiver and made a great catch for about 15 yards!  My buddy, Travis, was the other wide receiver and he made 2 touchdown catches and like 2 other great catches!  The both of us never played high school football so that made it even more awesome!!  I even came in on defense and made a huge tackle on a huge guy from the other team!  Just a great day and a great game!!  That night we all meet up and had a surprise 30th party for my buddy Luke!  It was hard to get him to go where we needed him to go but we did it and he was surprised so it was all good!!  Happy Birthday Luke!!  Sunday wasn’t that fun…I woke up feeling sick.  I had the sore throat from hell then I was sneezing all day and had a runny nose.  I made it home and got some medicine, soup, and took a nap.  I’m feeling much better today, it’s more of just a head cold now that I can deal with.  That’s pretty much my whole weekend!  Hope yours was just as fun!!!

Here was my moustache picture from Saturday, this was Day #10











Here is Sunday Day #11…I was feeling sick this day but still had to get that picture up!











And here is todays picture.  Day #12!  Had to represent my Dallas Cowboys since they got that win yesterday!











Now here’s my little sister Raegan, Me, and little sister Dani after my football game!











Well Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have called it quits.  Even though Justin Bieber doesn’t like to be compared to Justin Timberlake, he felt like covering one of Timberlake’s songs, “Cry Me A River.”

Ok remember Rebecca Black’s song “Friday”…well the same producers are back at it again and this could be WORSE than that song!  Check out Nicole Westbrook – It’s Thanksgiving!!  Wow!  It’s BAAAADD!!

This girl has super volleyball powers!!  She takes out two people with ONE powerful spike!!

Sammy Adams did a remix of Taylor Swift’s – I Knew You Were Trouble.  Check it out!!

This is why you DO NOT buy iPads or other electronics from WalMart!!  ***WARNING…WARNING…BAD LANGUAGE IN THIS VIDEO…WARNING…WARNING…THIS IS YOUR WARNING***

CLICK HERE to see Rihanna’s performances on Saturday Night Live!!

What’s 26 pounds, 8 feet long, and packed with 36,000 calories??!!  CLICK HERE to find out!!  It’s a GUMMY PYTHON!!