What a weekend!!

Good Monday afternoon! What a weekend! I’ll try to sum it all up for you really, really quick!
Friday – Got off work, went and got an amazing CrossFit Instinct WOD in! Headed downtown to The Brickhouse to watch some NCAA Basketball!
Saturday – Woke up and got a great CrossFit Instinct WOD in! Filthy 50 – Look it up and do it! CRAZY! Went home and spent a few hours outside doing paper work and computer work. Actually, I laid out in the sun and got some rays! Divot laid down right next to me and we just chilled outside!
Saturday night – Went to the west side and made a BIG purchase. I know own a Mac Book Pro! Very excited! Then went and hung out with some peeps and watched more basketball.
Sunday – church, grocery shopping, cooking food and watching NCAA basketball and TIGER WOODS got a WIN!! Finally!! So happy for him! Ordered some pizza and called it a night!

There it is! My weekend in a nut shell! Hope yours was just as nice!

Talk to you at 6 o’clock!

D.j. Blake