What A Game!!
What A Game!!

Good Friday afternoon!  Hope you are having an awesome day…it’s FRIDAY!!!  Did you see the Bulls vs. Knicks game last night?!?!  OMG!!  It was awesome!!  I had the game on and was doing some work then my g/f came home so we did the ol’ switch back and forth between one of her shows and then game.  Well I had her flip back to the game and it wasn’t good.  The Bulls were down by like 15 or so and I was not happy about that.  Then as we watched, the Bulls scored then got a stop on defense then Bulls scored again the Knicks missed and guess what??  Bulls went on a 12-0 run and were right back in the ball game!!  Long story short the game went to overtime and the BULLS WON!!!  It was great!!!  That’s how awesome my Thursday night was!!

Any big plans for the weekend???  After I get off work tonight and I think the g/f and I are going to get some food, maybe run some errands then watch a movie.  I have to D.j. a wedding tomorrow so I won’t be around much then on Sunday we are hoping for no rain so we can do some yard work.  It’s a full weekend but that’s what I like!!

Well enjoy your weekend and I’ll talk to you lata.

D.j. Blake