Well, let’s bring on 13.3!!
Well, let’s bring on 13.3!!

Good Wednesday morning!  I’m up and at ‘em today so I thought I  would just drop a line to you real quick!!  Well tonight is the release of the 2013 CrossFit Open 13.3 WOD!  Who knows what it will be!  I didn’t do very well on last weeks so hopefully this weeks will make me feel much better!!  I’ve just been in a funk for about a month since hurting my back.  I just need to get over it and move on!  Ugghhh!!

Well last night I got on the phone with my Dad and went over our NCAA brackets!!  I got mine all filled out!  I tried not to look at the seeds and just go on what I know but that was hard!!  Here is who I picked!!  **not the best picture but it works!**

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Justin Timberlake wanted to THANK YOU for getting his album!!

Pink stopped her show to break up a fight and help a girl who was crying!

So now people are spending BIG money on wedding proposals!!  Can’t you think of something original on your own??  Why spend that much money!

And now Tom Brady and the Easter Bunny!

Just in time for Easter…my boys at Epic Meal Time made the Chocolate Breakfast!

Forward – Check it out!

Check this out…a SuitCase Scooter!!  28mph baby!!