Well, Kentucky got ‘em!

Good Tuesday afternoon! Hope your Tuesday is going well! Another beautiful day outside, get out there and enjoy it! Well last night Kentucky took care of Kansas in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship! It started out bad but then Kansas made a run at the end of the game and I thought they were going to get them but, a few turnovers here and there and then it was over. Oh well, what can you do. Now both teams will lose their star players to the NBA so the coaches will go get 6 more to win next year, hahahaha!
I know it’s only Tuesday but if you don’t have any plans for this weekend I know where you can go on Friday night. Head on out to Catch 22 and see a great band, Kapital Sound! They play from 10-1!! A great band all very skilled and I play basketball with some of the guys so that makes it even better! Make sure you “LIKE” them on Facebook. Just search Kapital Sound!
Well coming up on tonight’s show, a new trend that seems to be catching on…Divorce Rings! I’ll chat with you about that right around 6 o’clock! Plus new music from Kevin Rudolf at 6:30 on 1stPlay! It’s all coming up tonight!

D.j. Blake