Well, it’s the last day of MoVember / No Shave November

Good Friday afternoon!  Hope your day is going great!  Mine is going awesome considering the crazy WOD I did today at CrossFit Instinct.  WOW!!  It was a beast!!  I won’t give you times but I will say that I did 30 muscle ups for time, 50 Handstand Push-Ups for time and a 2K row for time…and I’m spent!!  Now that I’m at work it’s time to reflect on the month of November and just how awesome my No Shave November Moustache is.  This is the final day of No Shave November…sort of.  See this whole time I’ve been growing this beautiful moustache I’ve also hopefully been raising awareness of men’s prostate cancer, that’s the real reason for MoVember.  Another reason is for the awesome Moustache Clash in Bloomington next weekend!  It was suppose to be tomorrow but because of scheduling conflicts it got pushed back a week so…I’ve got to keep the “Stache” until next Saturday!  If you are interested in the Moustache Clash, check it out:  Hope to see you there.

Day 30…what a handsome guy!











This holiday season, send the ones you love a FART BY MAIL!!  AMAZING!!

The Jonas Brothers covered Rihanna’s “Diamonds”.  Check it out!

Internet Explorer has a new commercial where they make fun of their product then say it’s better than ever!  Very interesting marketing scheme!  Check it out!