Well, I got them fired up!

Good Tuesday afternoon! Hope your day is going well! Mine is going fine except it’s really, REALLY hot at work!! Yeah, it’s making me very, very sleepy!! I’ve got that 2:30 feeling and it’s like 5 o’clock??!! Oh well,what can ya do.
Yesterday I told you that I tried getting some sports fans fired up on Facebook over the college football championship. Well, I did get about 3 of them really, really fired up!! Last time I looked my one little status had over 60 comments on it!! Yeah!! It was like a book written below my status!! It was awesome!! Mission accomplished!!
Well, for tonight, the FIGHTING ILLINI have a HUGE task….Ohio State!! I really hope the game is close and that the ILLINI don’t get blown out!!! Let’s go ILLINI!!!
Well, the BULLS won again last night!! Always a plus!! Now I better get back to work. I’ll talk to you at 6 o’clock!!

D.j. Blake