Well Hello There Tuesday!

Good Tuesday afternoon to you!  Hope your Tuesday is going well for you!  Mine is going great!  I got up and worked at GOLD’S GYM today then came straight to work here at the station.  This week is my rest/de-load week from CrossFit and it couldn’t have come at a better time.  I woke up sort of sick on Sunday so I’ve been fighting that for the last day or so but I feel much better now.  I don’t have to make sure I get to the gym, I just use my foam roller and do mobility all week which is perfect!  We have our WDBR RadioThon on Thursday and Friday and I might film another WOD here at the station but not sure…might feel like just working and relaxing.  Make sure you’re ready for the RadioThon!  All the money raised stays right here in Springfield!!

Day #13!  No-Shave November.  Mo-Vember.  Moustache Clash.











Ever wonder WHY MTV doesn’t play music videos anymore?!  Well here’s your answer!!  **WARNING…WARNING…BAD LANGUAGE AHEAD…IT’S ALL BLEEPED OUT THOUGH…WARNING…WARNING…**

A Navy reservist surprised his son at his 5th birthday party.  He was dressed up like Darth Vader!  Check it out!!

It’s like Red Bull’s version of the game Mouse Trap!!

I love basketball and awesome dunks!  High School dunks are awesome!