Well, he pooped on the floor :(

Good Tuesday afternoon!  Another awesome day in the capitol city!  December 4th and a high of 60 outside!  Amazing!!  Well I guess I should explain the title to this blog post…yup you guessed, the new dog, Barkley, took a poo on the floor this morning…gggrrr!!  The part that I don’t get is that he was just outside two times and then I was making breakfast and noticed it.  The other thing that bugs me in the whole house is hardwood except for the living room where he did it at.  I mean come on man, help me out!  Clean up would be so much easier if you did that on the hardwood floor.  So that’s how awesome my morning was this morning.  Today is a BIG day!  The Dark Knight Rises comes out of Blu-Ray and DVD!!  I’m going to the store right after work to get that!  If you have not seen it, I am telling you that you MUST go get it!  I’m very passionate about Batman and let’s just say that I teared up in this one.  It’s like it went from AWESOME to SAD back to AWESOME!  Go get it!

Take the top 50 Pop Songs from 2012 and mash them up into an 8 minute AMAZING MASH-UP!

Beyonce has an HBO Documentary coming out.  Here’s the teaser.

I know sometimes Springfield, IL traffic can be CRAZY but, not as crazy as this 125 mile traffic jam that lasted 3 days!!  WOW!!

I can’t stop watching him dance!

I can’t wait until Saturday when I can do this!

Watch Hailee Steinfeld, girl from True Grit, in The Cab’s music video for Endlessely.

Ed Sheeran and One Direction at Madison Square Garden