Welcome back cold weather!

Good Tuesday morning to you! Hope your day is going well so far!! Talk about CRAZY weather!! I mean really, 53 one day and now 33 today, just crazy!! Maybe we’ll have a hurricane next week with an earthquake and blizzard??!! Hahahaha!! Who knows!! Only in Illinois right??!!
Well I watched another good movie yesterday, “Killer Elite” It’s a Jason Statham and Robert Dinero film!! It was good but not what I thought. There wasn’t as much Statham butt kicking in it as I thought there would be, oh well, it was a good one!!
Can Katy Perry do anything that makes her look bad?? Ummm…NO!! Check out her BLUE hair now at keyword is BLAKE It’s in my pictures and videos page!!
I’ll talk to you at 6 tonight!!

D.j. Blake