Weekend Wrap-Up! Oh yeah!!

Good Monday Morning!! Hope you had a great weekend! Mine went way to quick once again but none the less, it was a good one! Saturday was another Star Talent Events wedding! I was rockin’ the party in Champaign and it was a great time!! Sunday was a quick trip to Mt. Pulaski for my girlfriend’s family reunion then, right out on the lake!! Oh yeah, I had to get my new jet ski in the water!! Let me tell you, it can get up and go!! It was awesome! The weather was nice, the water was warm, and just had a great time! I just have a little work to do on the trailer and I’ll be all set to go!
Well, tonight I’ve got brand new music on 1st Play from DRAKE!! Be listening around 6:30!!
Talk to you tonight!

D.j. Blake