Weekend Recap!!

Good Monday Morning to you! Hope your Monday is going well and I hope your weekend was a good one! I had an AWESOME weekend!! Took a trip over to Champaign to hang out at my buddy Josh and Kristen’s! He’s got his own CrossFit Gym, Club 806, and we did an AWESOME WOD on Saturday morning then just hung out and watched college basketball all day. After that we went and hit up our favorite mexican restaurant, El Toro, right before we rocked our faces off at the Kelly Clarkson concert!! It was awesome!! Matt Nathanson was the opening act and he was really good also!! I’ve got video up on my webpage of me singing at the concert!! Check it out!
Sunday was just a long but relaxing day. I had my Men In Tights practice and then did laundry and watched the NBA ALL-STAR game!! It was an awesome weekend!!
That’s all I got!! Hope your weekend was a good one!! Talk to you at 6p.m.

D.j. Blake