Weekend Re-Re-Recap!!

Good Monday morning to YOU! Hope your Monday is going well so far! Mine started with a nice trip to the dentist this morning!! I’m lookin’ all good just have to head back for one very small filling next month. Nothing too bad.
How was your weekend?? Mine was awesome!! Saturday I got an awesome CrossFit Instinct workout in!! Then I cleaned my part of the house. I went out to eat with about 15 friends to celebrate a close friends one year anniversary!! Then we did some karaoke!! Of course I sang KELLY CLARKSON!! Check out the video!!

Sunday was filled with just relaxing. Went with my g/f to a 50th Anniversary Party for her uncle. Then started to watch Toy Story 3 but the DVD was bad :( However REDBOX hooked me up with 2 free rentals to make up for it!! Thank you REDBOX!!!
Ok well now I better get back to work now. Talk to you tonight at 6p.m.!!

D.j. Blake