Weekend Re-Cap

Good Monday morning! I hope you had a nice weekend! Here is my weekend re-cap!!
Saturday I got up early and went and did a great workout over at CrossFit Instinct!! After that I went home and had to get ready for a wedding! I was the D.j. for a great wedding in Lincoln!! Star Talent Events was if full force!! Great show!! Congratulations to Melissa and Beau!!
Sunday started off great!! I got up early and went to Crossfit Instinct and dominated Helen like a boss!!! Then I grabbed a sandwich from Headwest Sub Shop and got ready for the lake!! However, Mother Nature didn’t want us to go to the lake!! I know we needed the rain but it could have done it on Saturday or today :( Oh well, I got my house cleaned and watched the movie, “Unknown.” It was awesome!! That was basically my weekend!! Hope yours was just as exciting!! Talk to you at 6p.m.!!

D.j. Blake