Weekend Re-Cap…It was a loooong one :)

Good Monday morning to YOU!  Did you have a great weekend?  Mine was a long one but a good one.  Here’s what went on with me over the weekend.  I headed back to Pontiac on Friday evening with my g/f.  We grilled out for dinner with my mom, step-dad, and sister.  Then we just laid around the house for most of the night.  Saturday we woke up early and went up north to IKEA.  My g/f wanted to go but my Mom, step-dad, and sister had never been so they went along too.  Did some serious shopping at IKEA, well I didn’t but my g/f and mom did.  My mom got a few things for my sister’s apartment for college and my g/f got somethings for her new house!  It was a good trip.  After shopping we ate some lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings then headed to my sister’s apartment to drop off the stuff for her.  We then made the drive back to Pontiac.  Once home, hit up WalMart for a few things.  I headed to church and then after church it was time for Cafe Fontanna for dinner!  DELICIOUS!  I had ribs and they were amazing!  After dinner we drove out to my Dad’s house so I could teach him how to use my d.j. equipment for a benefit the next day.  He picked up on it easy.  He doesn’t have a computer or know how to use one so, he just did cd’s and did awesome.  We watched the NASCAR race at Daytona and it was great!  My main man, Matt Kenseth, was leading with two laps to go and he ended up getting 3rd after a huge wreck went on!  It was crazy!  Then on Sunday I woke up and got a nice WOD in!  Came home from working out and it RAINED!  Yup!  You heard it right, it RAINED!  It was awesome!!  My dad came and picked me up around 10:30 and we headed out to the golf outing/benefit.  I helped set him up and then I went and played golf while he jammed the tunes from the clubhouse.  It was packed and it was a good time!  They had two 8-somes on each hole!  Lot’s of teams and all for a great cause!  Then it was time to pack up and make the long drive home and go to bed.  That was my weekend in a nutshell!  Hope your’s was as good as mine!

One thing I didn’t do over the weekend was run with the bulls!  These people are nuts!


Watch out this holiday season for the comeback of – FURBY!  You thought they were gone but now they’re back!  Looking at $60 this fall!


Well I wanted to wish Andre Iguodala a HUGE congratulations for making the USA Men’s Basketball team that will compete for the GOLD over in London.  He along with James Harden and Blake Griffin were the last 3 to make the team.  I guess this is how Blake celebrates!


Here’s a little mix tape of our Springfield native, Mr. Andre Iguodala!


Katy Perry’s brother, David Hudson, it putting out some of his own music.  Not too bad but ya know.


Ahhhhh!  Remember the good ol’ days!  You know, the 90’s!


Ummm…WOW!  They call it the “Super Moonwalk”!!!  CRAZY!