Weekend Re-Cap = HOT!

Good Monday afternoon! Hope you are staying cool! Let’s get right into that weekend Re-Cap! All I have to say is HOT! Wow! It was super hot all weekend and I was on the lake baby! Saturday I was on the lake with some buddies of mine as you can see!

For some reason I thought I would let my buddy drive my jet ski! I’m a nice guy!  After the lake on Saturday we headed out to a friend’s 50th birthday party where he had a giant blow up water slide!  It was awesome!  We ate some great food and had a great time!  Happy Birthday George!  Sunday I was up early for church, then a CrossFit Instinct WOD and right back out to the lake!  I got plenty of sunshine this weekend and it was awesome!  After the lake on Sunday I headed home and watched “21 Jump Street” with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum.  Very funny movie!  I would recommend it!  Now Channing doesn’t get all “Magic Mike” in the movie but it’s still a good comedy!

Any big plans for the 4th of July?!  Well, please make sure you are safe!  It’s not a good idea to mix drinking adult beverages with anything especially fireworks and or driving!!  Just listen to your urinal cake, the know what’s up!

The summer olympics are almost here!  Too bad this French athlete had to be a prick to the mascot just trying to give him some free stuff!

Every kid loved HOT WHEELS cars when they were growing up!  Just building those tracks with loops and racing them, how AWESOME!  Well over the weekend every kid’s HOT WHEELS dreams came true!  AMAZING!