Weekend Re-Cap!

Good Monday morning to you! WOW! What a weekend! So much to tell you about as I post my first blog from my brand new MacBook Pro! Yup! I made the switch! Or should I say I’m in the middle of making the switch! It might take awhile! Anyways, let’s start the re-cap!
Saturday – Woke up and got an early morning CrossFit Instinct WOD in with some basketball shots! Came home and was feeling sore so I sat in the hot tub for a bit and then I laid out on the deck and tried getting some sun while also using a lacrosse ball to get some knots out in my back! I actually think I feel asleep for a bit on the deck because it was so nice! Divot was out there with me just chillin’, it was awesome! Saturday late afternoon my g/f came over and I had the whole night planned. We went to Knight’s Action park to hit some golfballs. We had a coupon for buy 1 large bucket of balls get one free! So we did it! Little did we know just how many balls that was! OH MY GOSH!! I never hit so many balls in my life! We ended up giving half a bucket away to a family because we couldn’t hit anymore, we were exhausted! After golf I took her to Smash Burger! Great place! I recommend no bun and getting egg, lettuce, avocado and all the fixings on yours! She got the veggie black bean burger and it was awesome! We then walked right down to Cherry Berry because we both had never eaten there before. It was delicious! Once we were full we went home to watch the NCAA basketball games and called it a night!
Sunday – woke up and went to church. Got another great CrossFit Instinct WOD in. Then headed out to South Wind Park for a little birthday party for my g/f nephew. It was a great time! After that it was off to Lake Springfield! Yup! I had to test out the jet ski and make sure she ran after taking it apart over the winter. Well, she ran but not like she was suppose to :( Back to the shop to try and tune her up. After the lake was a grocery store run, cook food for the week and then another jump in the hot tub. Wrapped up the night watching the movie, “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.” Very good movie! Makes you think! Very long so plan ahead!
That was that! The weekend was then over and now it’s Monday!
I’ll talk to you at 6 o’clock!

D.j. Blake