Weekend Re-Cap!

Good Monday afternoon! What a splendid day it is out side today! Let me get right into my weekend re-cap.
Saturday – Woke up and had a great WOD at CrossFit instinct. Then my mom, stepdad, and two wonderful little sisters came down and met up with my g/f and I and we went prom dress shopping!! Oh yeah! My sister has her senior prom and wanted to try and find a dress down here so we were off. We had a limit in mind and the first place we went to was way, way, WAY over that limit!! Good golly those dresses were alot of money! So we went to store #2 and she found the dress!! It was decently priced and when we went to check out she showed the cashier how there were some snags in the back and so she took $70 off!! AWESOME!! We were all excited!! We then hit up Hickory River for lunch and I had to take them to check out Scheels!! It was a good day.
Saturday Night – Chilled with some good friends and watched the Bulls game!!
Sunday – Woke up and went to church. Then I got another great WOD in at CrossFit Instinct!! Went home, let Divot out and washed my truck!! Did some work on the computer, watched college basketball games, college basketball brackets and then finished the night watching a documentary on Magic Johnson. It was AWESOME!! What a great weekend!!!
Now I’m at work while it’s AMAZING outside!! Get out and enjoy it if you can!!
I’ll talk to you at 6 o’clock!!

D.j. Blake